Whose idea is it anyway?


    Having read and been solicited at Taco Bell West about the right-to-vote idea I have wondered who is behind this idea. The absence of names makes me wonder if the proponents are ashamed to be identified, or just forgot.

    Anyhow, the idea has some interesting possibilities. For example, why not expand it to letting the people vote on almost everything. Think of the money and time we could save. No more Planning Commission. Have the City Council meet probably once each month. This would require no more than a huge ballot box in the lobby of City Hall alongside a list of items to be voted on. The council could have someone count the votes and post the results. End of problem and food fights.

    This has tremendous possibilities. Maybe extend the idea to homeowners associations. And later on to higher levels of government. Elected official could have their jobs for life, and on and on. This is staggering, folks. But the promoters would be required to publish their names for heaven’s sake.

    Power to the people!

    Bill Liverman