Photos: MHS Hands Out Awards

Glenis Leslie (right), pictured with Principal Jerry Block (center) and guidance counselor Katie Dahm, receives the Exceptional Effort Grant. 

Malibu High School hosted an awards night on June 3 to honor the work and accomplishments of graduating students that took place both on the campus and around the world. The awards covered all aspects of students’ efforts, including academics, arts, athletics and community service. Scholarships were also awarded at the ceremony. 

Among the scholarships that were given out was the Exceptional Effort Grant, given by David, Shelley and Andrew Kramer to senior Glenis Leslie, who has shown exceptional work ethic and a strong desire to learn and improve through the years at MHS. A newly established scholarship, the Malibu Association of Realtors (MAR) Future Leaders Scholarship, was awarded to Harry James Emrani by MAR, represented by Meril May and Susan Monus.