Letter: Just in Case

Letter to the Editor

Austin, Texas, is often referred to as “The Santa Monica f Texas.” The city floats like a blue bubble amidst a vast cauldron of red, hot liquid. Governor Greg Abbot (AKA Stalin) just made that tenuous existence even more fragile. His order 00047 bans basically all abortions in the Lone Star State. It deputizes all citizens to inform on their fellow abortion seeking comrades, and receive bounties up to $10,000.

When the U.S. Supreme Court (NKVD) green lighted Abbot’s “Kampf” he dragged Texas back into the Middle Ages. Delighted Pro Lifers shot their AK 47s into the hot desert air in celebration. Young men in barbeque stained t-shirts raced their Toyota Hylux pickups in circles around the vast parking lots of Walmart Supercenters.

Maybe Austin is still cool. Perhaps it’s a bit more like tiny Hong Kong with the Republic of China towering over the last island of freedom. Jump on that Southwest $99 flight to visit the birthplace of Whole Foods and have a look for yourself.

Don’t forget to pack that burka though. Just in case.

Dan Bercu