Senator Stern Gets One Step Closer to Passing College Hunger Act

State Senator Henry Stern addresses a crowd.

California State Senator Henry Stern’s Plan Against College Hunger Act won the support of the Senate Committee on Education with a unanimous, 6-0, vote.

The act would establish the Plan Against College Hunger Program, where Cal Grant B recipients would be eligible for a supplemental award. The award would cover “the typical cost of a 10-meal-a-week plan at the type of institution they attend,” according to information from Stern’s office.

Senator Connie Layva, a member of the committee, said, “We aren’t doing a good enough job of making sure that you can get your education, that you can eat not just food, but healthy nutritious food.” 

Stern will be working with the California Student Aid Commission as it makes its rounds. It will next go before the Senate Appropriations Committee.