Letter: You Owe It To Malibu

I found it rather humorous that the report on the first Malibu Candidates Forum said that the forum was well attended with 109 people on Zoom. Well attended would have been 1,000 or more of our residents which Google pegs at 12,777. How do people decide how to vote without information? I am assuming that many will vote for friends or political allies, and some will skip the election all together. Yet, I hear all sorts of bitching and complaining on Nextdoor about the state of the city. How can you justify complaining if you don’t show up to hear what the candidates are proposing? Trust me. I’d rather be napping with a house to rebuild, along with a nonprofit and a business to run.

I was actually surprised to discover two people who I never got to know over our 23 years here. In fact, based on what little I did know, I might have crossed them off the list. But, I found, as did my husband, that they were very compelling and had some strong ideas to implement if they are elected.  

We need a much stronger city council than we have now. I know several of the council members feel frustrated that they lack support on important issues. So let’s elect strong candidates. Please join the next Zoom candidates forum and be better informed. You owe it to yourself and your neighbors here in Malibu.

Susan M. Tellem

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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