Jumping in with cable


    In answer to Sam Birenbaum’s letter to the editor [Nov. 18, Sam speaks out]:

    I have volunteered for various charities that benefit Malibu and its city, but the difference is my motives are not self-serving.

    Since there are only a handful of cable companies in Southern California, I took the liberty of calling them regarding the cable franchise services for Malibu, and that Falcon Cable’s franchise is up for renewal, and none of them gave any interest of anxiously jumping in with a bid to replace the incumbent which leaves Falcon as the only company, so far, willing to do business in Malibu unless the Birenbaums plan to start their own cable company and bid for the franchise. Further research revealed that Falcon does not have an exclusive right to provide services to Malibu, the area is open to other video services providers, satellites and cable and always has been during the duration of Falcon’s tenure.

    I will repeat that Councilman Tom Hasse was brave and courageous in firing Nidia Birenbaum, just as he was brave and courageous in appointing her to the commission in 1998.

    James Scott