Rotary donation to support safe drinking water


The Malibu Rotary Club recently sent $500 to the Rotary Club of Pontiac, Mich. to help build BioSand filters in Ecuador. BioSand is one of the four methods of purifying water recommended by the World Health Organization for developing nations.

The club’s donation will provide 12 families with 20 gallons of water each day. This is enough for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, bathing and washing clothes. The filters are expected to last at least 50 years without the need to add any expense except chlorine.

“We are excited about this project because we anticipate that this is just the beginning,” Rotarian John W. Elman wrote in the service club’s newsletter. “All over Ecuador, there are families struggling to survive, with a high infant mortality rate, because of bad water. This successful project will be a shining example and model.”