Planetary Themes for the Month of January

Astrology forecast

Mercury retrogrades again from Jan. 21-Feb. 11. Important decisions or agreements are usually best postponed. Make sure your communications are crystal clear and avoid misunderstandings. 


The focus is on your social life, networking and exploring new experiences until the 12th when your planetary ruler, Mars, enters the sign of Pisces. After the 12th, take the opportunity to get more aligned with your spiritual, emotional and artistic side. From Jan. 12-15, you are probably taking on some added responsibilities. 


You are in the flow of new opportunities and expansion through social media or connecting to larger networks of people through the 13th. Don’t allow your fixed or rigid ideas to interfere with the good that wants to flow into your life. After the 12th, you can find more emotional fulfillment connecting with friends and social involvements. 


The sky may be the limit for you after the 4th when your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Aquarius and conjuncts Venus during the first half of January. You can have a more heightened awareness, new inventive ideas and attract more love and abundance into your life. After the 21st, it’s time to step back, reflect and rethink things. 


The focus is on giving and receiving support, and making the best use of resources. After the 12th, you move into a cycle for expressing your spiritual side and deepening your emotional connections with others. From Jan. 12-15, some hard work may be in store for you. Also, pay more attention to your health routine and habits. 


Personal relationships, friends and social involvements take on more importance. After the 12th, it’s a good time for more self introspection and digging deeper into the unknown. Be more discerning and critical when it comes to money matters. You may have a blind spot. Try to keep a handle on expenditures and live within your means. 


The focus is on work, accomplishing tasks and discovering new and better ways of getting the job done. After the 12th, an emotional involvement in personal relationships can begin to deepen. Other people may also need more support or help from you. After the 21st, avoid misunderstandings with employees or coworkers. 


On the 3rd, it’s time for you to stand out and express even more of your uniqueness and individuality. You are in the flow for new experiences, opportunities and expanding your social network through the 13th. After the 12th, more effort is required to stay on track accomplishing your daily tasks. 


Family-related matters or issues probably require more of your attention this month. If you become more flexible in your communications and see the other person’s point of view, more harmony can be restored. After the 12th, you may feel like escaping romantically. Your creativity and imagination can reach new heights. 


Your mind continues to be very active with new and inventive ideas this month. It’s a time to move forward and let go of old ways of doing things. After the 12th, you may have to move out of your comfort zone and into the emotional realm when it comes to family matters. Try to remain grounded and keep your expectations in check. 


You seek innovative and alternative ways of doing things this month, includ ing new approaches to making money. The internet, social media and networking more with groups of people can lead to greater success. After the 12th, your mind becomes more sensitized to the needs of others and your creativity begins to flourish. 


You come into your own after the 4th with a more heightened perception and new, inventive ideas. Don’t be shy in expressing your “off-the-wall” ideas. The right people can catch your vision. After the 12th, you may feel like running away from your responsibilities. Stick to a budget and don’t let money slip through your fingers. 


A shift begins to occur at the beginning of the month, as you may prefer to be less social and more reclusive. It’s a good time to reflect and get in touch with your inner needs. On the 12th, Mars enters your sign. This helps energize you with some new goals. If you seek a spiritual or creative outlet, you can go far with this energy.