Planetary Themes for the Month of April

Astrology forecast

A very rare planetary configuration, a “cardinal cross” involving Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn, occurs this month during the second half of April and the next eclipse cycle. This can cause major havoc in the financial markets, increased geopolitical tensions or war, and unnatural disasters. Keep the peace in your relationships and go with the flow of growth and change in your personal life. The houses and aspects in your personal birth chart where the cardinal cross occurs, indicate the areas of your life for significant changes this month.


The energy is high this month, especially for you, as your planetary ruler, Mars, is involved in the cardinal cross. More time alone expressing your creative side can keep you more balanced. After the 7th, when Mercury enters your sign, think twice before voicing your thoughts or opinions. Be willing to make compromises with others to avoid potential conflicts. 


You may be more behind the scenes in some ways focusing on accomplishing important daily tasks. Remember not to stuff any anger you may be feeling, or it could erupt when you least expect it! You can find more emotional support and refuge socially or with group involvements after the 5th. This can lead to a new financial opportunity around the middle of the month. 


Your head may still be in the clouds this month until the 7th. Things are probably not what they appear to be. After the 7th, you can get more mental clarity and feel energized to take action as your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Aries. More activity is seen in the social arena. Be more cautious with financial matters and don’t let others influence your views. Think for yourself. 


You’re juggling many balls this month and have to do a balancing act. You may feel torn between your career, personal needs and relationships, and family. There is much activity in these areas. Others may continue to seek you out to nurture their wounds. Remember, your own personal needs are equally important. Take time out for yourself. 


Your high energy can take you far this month, just try not to steamroll other people along the way! You are moving toward an important confrontation with someone significant in your life. Don’t shy away from them but practice diplomacy. After the 5th, take a closer looks at finances and spending habits. Try not to let money slip through your fingers. 


After the 5th, your current personal relationships take on more meaning and importance in your life or a new love interest can enter the picture. After the 7th, you can dip deeper into the mysteries in life. Avoid taking financial risks. There may be some unexpected expenditures. Others may be seeking you out for your help or guidance. 


With Mars continuing to transit your sign, it’s up to you to keep the peace and everything in balance this month. Don’t expect others to do it for you! After the 5th, your sensitive, emotional side comes out more. You are being pulled in many different directions but can accomplish many things. There are probably some obstacles to overcome in the home front or with significant others. 


After the 7th, you are more work-oriented and interested in starting new projects. Be patient with employees or co-workers if they are not moving as fast as you are! You may prefer to be behind the scenes in some ways and tie up loose ends from the past. There is the opportunity to escape the madness this month through creative pursuits or new romantic interests. 


If you have been confused about some family issues or matters related to the home, you can get more clarity after the 7th. You may experience some financial fluctuations. Be more cautious with investments. A family member may need more emotional or financial support in some way. Your generosity can go a long way and make a difference through the 17th. 


If you turn within and tap into your “inner power,” you can hold all the cards this month in spite of any obstacles coming from other directions. Remember to practice diplomacy and think first before speaking your mind. After the 5th, you move into a better flow in matters of the heart and can attract more love and abundance in your life through the 24th. 


Remain in control of your impulsive nature this month and seek positive outlets for all the energy of yours! Your argumentative nature can come out more after the 6th. Be willing to see others point of view. You may be torn between your own need for independence and the needs of significant others. This may bring out your rebellious side. 


Much progress can be made in your spiritual or creative life as exalted Venus enters your sign on April 5th! You can attract more love and opportunities in your life through the 17th. There may be some unexpected expenditures or fluctuations in your earnings. In spite of the turbulence going on in the outer world, you can find more inner peace and contentment spending time alone. 

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