Don’t torment the letter editor

I wonder if the various letter writers who profess to be compassionate about animals, concerned about the environment and dedicated to love, peace and the right to eat meat have any consideration at all for the poor reporters who must edit and input their letters to The Malibu Times.

Aside from the fact that their letters are invariably too long, the writers are unaware of the difficulties presented by their carelessness. Any letter sent in with all capital letters must be retyped. Letters that are sent by fax are often muddled. Some use type so small, it is impossible to read the words. There are even those who send in letters written by hand that are completely illegible. Some have no signatures, others have signatures that cannot be deciphered. (Sometimes the spelling, grammar and punctuation undermine our faith in the institutions of learning.)

The Society for the Advancement of Good Letter Writing advocates rules. Use e-mail if possible. Use large type. Make sure every word is legible. Type your name and be sure to sign it. Include your telephone number. Think of the art of saying what you want to say clearly and concisely. Like this letter.

The Malibu Times Letter Editor

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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