Malibu Seen: Open Hearts Keep on Giving

Jane Seymour greets guests at her Malibu home.

It was a picture perfect day at Jane Seymour’s oceanfront home on Sunday. She hosted a special luncheon as part of her Open Hearts Foundation 10th Anniversary Weekend. The festivities kicked off with a two-day gala weekend starting in Beverly Hills and ending with a private luncheon at Jane’s personal residence.

The lunch, featuring short ribs, salmon, chicken and fresh veggies, had something for everyone. 

The previous evening’s before bash was special indeed as it was Jane’s birthday and time to recognize those honorees who have made a deep social impact.

The mission of OHF is to empower emerging and growing charities that are in step with the open hearts philosophy.

“We are delighted the organization has such a good mission,” said benefactor Susan Capps. “Jane is really about having an open heart and an open mind.”

Over the years, OHF has supported 36 charity partners including A New Way of Life Reentry Project, the Jenesse Center, the Hollyrod Foundation, Operation Smile, the Always Dream Foundation, The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation, Mending Kids and Project Glimmer. 

Each organization is essential to the community it serves. 

Exceptional Minds, for example, has successfully continued its mission to maximize the talents of young artists on the autism spectrum, preparing them for employment in the fields of digital arts and animation. Over the past three years, Exceptional Minds has sought to expand capacity, increasing employment and achievement and contacts. Exceptional Minds now serves 250 students each year and is proud to report that its employment success has steadily grown. 

A New Way of Life Reentry Project, in the meantime, has provided shelter in its supportive and safe sober living homes for 73 women, 85 teens and 45 kids.

And that’s just a glimpse of Jane’s commitment to these special programs. 

Ms. Seymour greeted her guests poolside, donning a cherry red sleeveless shift and matching red hat. 

Since nice rays of sun were bearing down, ever-thoughtful Jane provided straw hats in various colors for the comfort of her guests.

She introduced her daughter, Katy Flynn, who called her mother “a great inspiration.”

Her son, James Keach, delighted the crowd with a few snappy tunes followedby  a big hug and kiss from Mom. 

Over the past decade, Open Hearts Foundation has raised more than $1 million for folks in need and there couldn’t be a better birthday present than that!