Letter: A Look at the Motives

Letter to the Editor

Why does an out-of-town developer want to deny Malibu a vote of the people?

I found it strange to read in the local press that developer Steve Soboroff, a resident of Los Angeles, is heading up the opposition to the Measure R campaign in Malibu. 

Measure R is the Your Malibu, Your Decision Act. It gives Malibu voters the right to approve or reject big development projects more than 20,000 square feet.

Soboroff is a developer with a big development planned in Malibu — he’s clearly got a lot of money on the line. Whatever that development is, if Measure R passes, can still be built. If the rumors are true that Soboroff’s development includes a Whole Foods, grocery stores and other vital services, those are actually exempted from Measure R, so Soboroff would have nothing to worry. 

That brings me to the question, why is Soboroff opposing Measure R? Could it be that he wants to deny Malibu voters the right to vote on big development? Or is it that Soboroff, along with other developers, wants to sell Malibu residents off for tourist revenue?

Malibu voters should have more of an influence than big developers in determining the future and direction of our city. That’s why I’m voting “yes” on Measure R. 

Chris Benjamin