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This letter was sent in response to Jeff Jennings’ letter, Oct. 14 issue.

It’s been five years, and I swore I’d never do this (write a letter to the editor), but never say never! You’ve got it wrong about the future of Malibu. It is what it has been since incorporation; people laying blame, attacking, causing division and being mean spirited.

Lots of good people (professionals and others) came to Malibu when it incorporated with the idea that they could do something good for this most unique of “unique places.” But these good people were attacked and blamed by those who attacked and blamed the county for the county’s prior transgressions against Malibu. Incredibly, these attackers had become the leaders of Malibu, and they just didn’t understand their new role in charting the future for Malibu. They believed they could act above the law and do whatever they did as radical protesters against the county. Instead, they should have taken responsibility for determining the direction which Malibu needed to go, in order to benefit all its citizens and protect the natural wonder of this city.

As I look at those who are now in leadership positions in Malibu, they are for the most part the same angry and resentful people who were leading the city in those first years. Their goal, then, was to create confusion and distrust, as well as to lay blame wherever they could. That strategy resulted in absolutely nothing ever getting accomplished. It appears that is still their goal. They seem to be succeeding.

Malibu can only be saved if you and other responsible citizens, businessmen and government officials work together with commitment and integrity as you look to the future.

Best regards to you and all my past and present friends in 90265.

Bob Benard

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