News cluttered by negative bias


    If what the Malibu Surfside News reported last week is true–that Sharon Barovsky is soon to be nominated as interim City Council replacement for her late husband–I say great. I don’t, however, agree with the spin taken by the Surfside News staff that characterized Sharon in the words of some unnamed Malibuites, as a “king maker,” and the move of the new council to appoint her as “muscle flexing.”

    Clearly, a negative bias cluttered up what was supposed to be a news piece. It portrayed Sharon as some larger than life political presence with ominous intent.

    The reality is that Sharon is a rather private person and surprisingly shy. She and Harry were friends and supporters of many Malibu causes and always a good neighbor. Harry died just two months ago. It has been unspeakably difficult for Sharon to face life without him because they were a remarkable team. They shared a passion for politics, helping others in need, and doing the right thing for their neighborhood and the Malibu community.

    In conclusion, I would offer my opinion as a close friend of Sharon that the many persons who have urged Sharon to accept the councilship position in Harry’s place are right on. We would agree that Sharon Barovsky is the most capable, hardworking, and logical choice to fill Harry’s position in this interim period until the November election. I know that Sharon’s primary motivations are to do and accomplish whatever unfinished things Harry might have wanted for the good of Malibu and its people. I trust her judgment and her knowledge of what Harry wanted implicitly.

    Mona Loo