Letter: It’s All The Same

Letter to the Editor

“No I don’t hate Balboa, but I pity the fool”—Clubber Lang, “Rocky 3.”

The Arabs and Israelis have been fighting for 5,000 years with no end in sight.

Israel and Texas are more similar than they seem. There will be no bipartisan commission to investigate the civil war of Jan. 6, 2021.

Abraham, more promiscuous than Jeffrey Epstein, had two twin sons: Jacob and Esau.

The older bro Esau was big on brawn but less so on brains. He traded away his inheritance as God’s chosen people for a measly bowl of overcooked goat stew. When Jacob sewed on some sheepskin forearm pads to get his blind dad’s blessing, he cemented the Jews’ reputation as shrewd Wall Street traders. Esau and the Arabs got the family Gyro stand.

Israel adopted the six-pointed Star of David after its independence from Egypt and its Arab masters. Texas became the Lone Star State once it gained freedom from its Mexican overlords. Thousands of years later, the roles are reversed. Israel and Texas run the show, while one third of their residents (Arabs and Mexicans), live behind walls and under their thumbs.

Back in the good old US of A, the ancient struggle of white vs brown people is still unfolding. Twenty one years ago, 19 skinny Saudis with box cutters destroyed our Mecca of money. Five long months ago, hundreds of enraged, overstuffed white Walmart Shoppers overran our Capitol Kaaba with bear spray. Without an official bipartisan, thousand-page report, we will never know who gave the green light to what history will call “the blue light” revolution…

Dan Bercu