Planetary Themes for the Month of May 2021

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


Domestic matters are a priority as Mars transits the sign of Cancer. Avoid stifling your feelings. There are opportunities to create more stability and increase earnings. Family can be supportive when needed. From May 4 onward, your social and communicative sides seek greater expression. Spend more time with friends.



As Venus continues to transit your sign until May 8, you are in your best cycle for attraction and manifesting. From the eighth onward, your communicative and inquisitive nature comes out. This is a special period for learning new subjects and expressing your ideas. During the second half of the month, avoid blind spots with financial decisions.



Venus enters your sign on May 8, joining Mercury in Gemini. From the eighth onward, you are in your high cycle for expressing your true nature, love and attraction, and manifesting. Make the most of new opportunities. During the second half of the month, be more cautious with career and money decisions. Things are not as they appear. 



As Mars continues to transit your sign, you are empowered and in your own element to go after your goals. The tide is moving in your direction. You can shine socially and attract opportunities to manifest more abundance. From May 8 onward, you can feel more reclusive and inspired to express your creativity.



The focus is on career, work and money matters. There is a stronger urge to accomplish your goals. Your persistence can take you far. A shift begins from May 3-8 that can help you become more adaptable to circumstances. You can shine in the public arena and attract new friends. Your voice wants to be heard.



A shift begins for you on May 3. Your inquisitive and communicate nature seeks greater expression. Career and business matters become a priority. You can also get more easily distracted and juggle too many balls. Narrow your focus. When it comes to relationships, you can have some blind spots. Be discerning and realistic.



During the first week of the month, you are in a favorable cycle for improving your financial situation and making the best use of resources. A shift begins for you on May 8. You can feel a stronger urge to learn new things, travel and express your independence. During the second half, you can get more easily distracted. Stay focused.



As Mars transits Cancer, you can get better tuned in to your feelings and needs. You are motivated to expand your horizons, travel or seek new opportunities. You can improve relationships during the first week of the month. From May 8 onward, some adjustments are probably needed with your finances. Your inner issues need to be voiced. 



This can be a special time for you to express your individuality and communicate your original ideas until May 13. From the 13th onward, Jupiter changes signs and enters Pisces. Your emotional, spiritual and creative sides seek greater expression. Home, family matters and relationships can take on more importance. 



You remain in a favorable cycle for accomplishing your goals in the material realm and reaping rewards from your investments. More activity is likely in your relationships and with family matters as Mars transits Cancer. You can also be expressing new ideas in your work, but avoid indecision. Make up your mind.  



If there have been some challenges in the domestic area, they can begin to shift after May 8. From the eighth onward, you are in a more favorable cycle for having fun or romance and expressing creativity. There is a stronger urge to communicate your thoughts and ideas. Some adjustments may be needed with your daily routine.



As Mars continues to transit Cancer, you can deepen the emotional connections in your personal relationships. There is also the opportunity to make your ideas more tangible. From May 8 onward, domestic matters can become more of a focus. Be more cautious and realistic making important decisions. Avoid blind spots.