Planetary Themes for the Month of September

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

Mercury is in a retrograde cycle from Sept. 17 through Oct. 8.  Avoid misunderstandings or miscommunications. Major decisions are usually best postponed during this phase. The next eclipse cycle is in September as well. There is likely to be some major havoc in the mundane world and financial markets this month. Lay low and keep the inner peace.


Take advantage of opportunities for recreational outlets, creative pursuits and new experiences through the eighth. After this date, there is likely to be some added responsibilities and activity in your work life or career. Remember to keep the balance between your personal relationships, home life and work demands.


If you feel like there have been some delays in your life, a shift begins to occur after the sixth. You can find more joy and happiness at home with family or children in your life. This is a good month for breaking habits and letting go of emotional baggage in your life. Your value system can go through some positive changes. 


Proceed with caution when it comes to relationships or partnership decisions. You may have some blind spots and not see things clearly. Remain realistic. Being active in your social life and working with larger groups of people can open up new doors for you. You can also reconnect with significant others from your past.


If finances have been a bit off track in some ways, things can begin to shift after the sixth. Take advantage of new financial opportunities through the 23rd. You may be dealing with added responsibilities related to your work or career. After the 17th, fitness or becoming more active physically can take on more importance. 


Your personal magnetism and charisma can continue to do the calling for you. Your drive can lead you in a positive direction through the 25th. After the 17th, you can become more indecisive when it comes to relationships. You can get easily distracted with your daily tasks and work-related projects. Stay organized. 


A balance between your work and personal relationships is in store. You are probably less objective about yourself and others this month. Do a reality check. Spending more time alone can bring more balance and help you tap into your inner power. Be more cautious with finances or investments. Play it safe. 


You remain in a cycle to reconnect with friends from your past. If your future goals or plans have been delayed, things can begin to get back on track after the sixth. You may be questioning your relationships and want to make some improvements. Don’t let work or family obligations interfere with your personal time.


The good news for you is that Saturn is leaving your sign on Sept. 17. You will probably begin to feel like moving forward in a new direction and expressing more personal freedom. You can also attract influential people to help you accomplish your goals this month. More alone time and personal introspection can do you some good.  


A balance between work and play is important this month. You may feel like you are not getting enough support from others to accomplish your bigger goals. This will require some patience. On the 17th, Saturn enters your sign until Dec. 19, 2017. It’s a time for a reality check. Greater ambitions may be in your sights now. 


Business and financially related opportunities surround you. If you take the initiative, these opportunities can come to full fruition next month. After the 17th, you will probably feel the urge for more freedom and going in a new direction. Remember to make enough time for your personal relationships and having fun.


More excitement can be coming your way in your personal relationships and social life through the 22nd. Significant others from your past can re-enter the scene. Someone is also probably more demanding of your attention. An adjustment with your finances or spending habits may be in store or need examination. 


A balance needs to be reached between your own emotional needs and the needs of significant others. Set boundaries. This is a good time to do a reality check in your relationships. Work-related tasks and career matters may also consume you, but not without rewards. New and innovative money making ideas can come to you.