It’s a Wild Thing

The Malibu Library community room filled as children, families and friends settled in for a rare opportunity to see native California animals during Nature of Wildworks presentation on Thursday afternoon. 

Children sat at the edge of their seats, waiting to see who was inside each of the animal carriers, draped with tiger print fabric. 

Nature of Wildworks staff member and animal care specialist, Megan Platt, would reach in a carrier to bring out a wild guest. Exotic animals with whimsical names made the critters seem less of a threat—Dancer the barn owl, ferrets Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Raindrop the hedgehog, Elvis the California King snake and more. This educational presentation served to inspire. Some animals  could be touched while other could only be viewed; either way the kids were thrilled to learn all about where the wild things are.

This event was sponsored by Friends of the Malibu Library. For more information on upcoming event at the Malibu Library:

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