Letter: Inspect Malibu Library

Letter to the Editor

As long as they’re looking for mold, the Malibu Library should be checked as well. Since its renovation into an LEED building, there has been a buildup of pervasive mildew in the site that’s so bad, I refuse to go in unless absolutely necessary. I order books online, pick them up in the front shelves, check them out via new handy machines, and skedaddle. I’ve remarked about it to the staff on different occasions and written letters, to which no official response has ever been received. I’m on the point of reporting them to the LEED recertification board. I would say it’s wildly unhealthy for anyone to sit in that atmosphere all day (i.e., the workers). 

Maybe we need someone from the City of Malibu to coordinate with the citizens about what strides are being made in library air quality, as they are doing for the parents at Malibu High School. 

Beate Nilsen