fed up frontier communications


intent to defraud cities public

Frontier did not allow Verizon accounts a bill until End of May that included April BECAUSE they knew their bundle rates would be higher.And did not want cancelations. NO PRIOR NOTICE TO VERIZON customers that Frontier did not buy wireless so if cable internet land phone included wireless .RATES will go up.Frontier had only a recording saying you ll get 2 months bill end of may.NOTHING ANYWHERE about rates increase.Frontier knew their equipment could not do transfer WITHOUT OUTAGES..Frontier did provide phone numbers to call instead outsourced all complaints going to the philippines  so they did not have to have service people to help.Later they can blame VERIZON. Now they run around hiring all these people giving them titles to solve things. The realty is hey don’t care.  I can supply names in CEO office that said EXACTLY that. And will not give the credit for their BUFFALOED takeover.Frontier KNEW the equipment would not transfer.There was not enough service people.Frontier DID NOT WANT  ANY PRIOR NOTICE DELIVERED TO CITIES saying RATES HAVE TO UP BECAUSE Frontier did not acquire wireless and bundles will increase.