Twelve steps in the right direction


    You’re out of control and your life’s in decline

    There’s recovery and redemption one step at a time

    Don’t think you’re alone, your obsessions are shared

    Like the Comb Over group for the follically impaired

    For you Sexaholics, success is assured

    If you’re certain that you really want to be cured

    There’s a program for victims of circumcision

    Who still blame their mothers for that final decision

    To you masochists basking in punishment and sorrow

    And the procrastinators who meet, but always tomorrow

    To you clutterers who need to find your space

    And you guys who feel guilty wearing panties and lace

    Get with a program and get on with your life

    You may even meet your next husband or wife!

    Geraldine Forer Spagnoli