Input needed on safety issue


After the horrible accident that killed two bicyclists on Pacific Coast Highway, Senator Sheila Kuehl called a meeting of the PCH Task Force to look into the issue of bicycle safety on our state highway. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for the end of October. At its last meeting, the City Council appointed Councilmember Conley Ulich and the Public Safety Commission chair to represent Malibu at this meeting.

So that we can hear from the community, bike safety is an agenda item for the next Public Safety Commission meeting, Thursday, Oct. 6, at City Hall, beginning at 7 p.m. This is an opportunity for public input in the Commission’s response to the council. If you have concerns or suggestions on how to improve bike safety on Pacific Coast Highway, please let us hear from you. If you cannot attend the meeting, but have information you would like to have included in the meeting record, please fax it to 310-456-2760, or e-mail to

Carol Randall, chair

Malibu Public Safety Commission