Kenny G, Martin Sheen, Jane Goodall Top Potential Malibu Speaker Series Fees

Pictured from left: Legendary producer Quincy Jones and Malibu saxophonist Kenny G attend the 2009 Playboy Jazz Festival press conference. The 31st annual Playboy Jazz Festival will take place this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl.

With plans to expand on this year’s successful Malibu Library Speaker Series, a library subcommittee is scheduled to discuss a list of potential speakers for next year’s series.

The most expensive candidate? Musician Kenny G, who would charge $100,000 for an appearance, according to documents released by the city. Actor and Malibu local Martin Sheen commands the second-highest cost at $75,000 and travel costs for two people. Costs for the series are funded by local property tax revenue and the County of Los Angeles. 

The city wants to host 10 speakers in 2014—one every month except for August and December—and each speaker would fit themes such as food, sports, literature, environment, education and entertainment.

Subcommittee members Mayor Joan House and Councilwoman Laura Rosenthal will meet Wednesday to discuss potential 2014 speakers and make a final recommendation to the City Council.

Other candidates include author David Sedaris ($40,000), chef Wolfgang Puck (cost unknown), actor Dick Van Dyke (cost unknown) and author Joan Didion ($25,000).

Note: In a telephone call to The Malibu Times on Tuesday, Claire Jones, The Jane Goodall Institute’s head of communications, said Goodall’s speaking fees go to the institute.

“The institute has programs in Africa to support chimpanzee conservation, and also to support local people who live around them,” Jones said. Funds also go to support a program called Roots and Shoots, which trains future sustainability leaders.

Below is a full list of recommendations from various stakeholders. For a full staff report, visit here

Recommendations from the Cultural Arts Commission

o John Logan: Unable to verify

o Emilio Estevez: $50,000

o David Sedaris: $40,000 (only available 2015 and beyond)

o Sir Ken Robinson: $50,000 plus first class travel for 2 people

o Eve Ensler: $40,000 plus first class travel for 2 people

o Joan Didion: $25,000 plus travel for 2 (In bad health)

o Carol Muske-Dukes: $2,000

o Martin Sheen: $75,000 plus travel for 2 people

o Brent Spiner: Need personal connection

o Cheech Marin: $20,000 plus first class travel for 2 people

o Dick Van Dyke: Need personal connection

o Dustin Hoffman: Need personal connection

o Steven Bochco: $30,000 plus local travel

o Mark Burnett: Unable to verify

o Geena Davis: $45,000 plus local travel

o Music Performers: Aleksey Igudesman & Hyung-Ki Joo:

o Jane Goodall: $50,000 plus travel for 2 people

Recommendations from the Youth Commission

o Chris Paul: Waiting for cost

o Terrell Owens: $15,000

o Jessie Billauer: $10,000

o Nick Vujicic: $15,000 – $25,000

o Scott Backovich: $1,750

o Tom Shadyac: No charge

o Bryan Cranston: $50,000

o Kenny G: $100,000

o Dr. Geek: Need contact information

o Chester Whitmoore: Unable to verify

Recommendations from Councilmember Rosenthal

o Sir Ken Robinson: Unable to verify

o Rafe Esquith: $10,000 plus travel

o Sal Khan: $65,000 plus hotel

Recommendations from Councilmember Sibert

o Michael Shermer: $7,500

Recommendations from County Library

o Peter Vidmar, Olympic Gold Medalist: Waiting for cost

o Anne Harnagel, LA Times Travel writer: Waiting for cost

o Amelia Saltsman, Cookbook author: $200

o Josh Fox, Gasland, $12,500

o Carole Mintzer, Chair of Sierra Club: $200

o Wofgang Puck, Chef: Waiting for cost

o Jonathon Gold, Chef: Waiting for cost

o Thomas Keller, Chef: Waiting for cost

In order to start the planning for the 2014 Speaker Series, the following speakers are being contacted to see if they are available for the upcoming year:

• Arts: Cheech Marin ($20, 000)

• Entertainment Industry: Tom Shadyac (No cost)

• Environment: Carole Mintzer ($200)

• Education: Rafe Esquith ($10,000)

• Food: Amelia Saltsman (Waiting for cost)

• Literature: Carol Muske-Dukes ($2,000)

• Motivation: Jessie Billauer ($10,000)

• Science: Michael Shermer ($7, 500)

• Sports: Chris Paul (Waiting for cost)

• Travel: Anne Harnagel (Waiting for cost)