Keep Christ in Christmas’ 39th Annual Essay and Poetry contest winners


    The theme for 2002 was “Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.” The awards ceremony will take place Monday at Pepperdine University’s Smothers Theatre beginning at 6:30 pm.

    Grand Prize winner: Best Exposition of Theme-Smyth Campbell, seventh-grader at Our Lady of Malibu

    “You’re walking up your stairs, now through your living room. You walk up a step and flip the light switch. It lights up the whole kitchen. It allows you to reach the tools used to make food needed to survive. There is a larger light that lights the whole world: Jesus.

    Christ’s light gives hope to people in despair, love to people feeling hatred or feeling alone, and happiness and joy to everyone with open hearts.

    You experience this especially at Christmas, when people need Jesus’ light. All through Christmas, we think about the journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem. There and then, the world was lit by Baby Jesus.

    To me, Christ’s light means when I get up, his light starts me off with a smile on my face. His light is what gets me through the day. Even on cloudy and rainy days, it still shines through. As long as I have a smile, it can spread to others feeling down.

    Jesus has taught not only me, but also my family and classmates, to love and give love to others. Just like Jesus said, “Give and thou shall receive.” I keep that in my mind day and night, and all through my years I shall keep it close to my heart. Jesus lights up the world, and those who are open to his light will receive the warmth of his love.”

    Kindergarten Winners

    1st place: Cacey Madden

    2nd place: Kate Kiefer

    3rd place: Devon O’Grady

    Grades 1, 2, 3

    1st place: Sean Sullivan

    2nd place: Alyssa Guttman-Green

    3rd place: Nicole McMahon

    Honorable Mention:

    Olivia Lamonte

    Sheena Paul

    Catalina Wrye

    Fourth Grade

    1st place: Elizabeth Wilson

    2nd place: Brian Sullivan

    3rd place: Claire Kiefer

    Honorable Mention:

    Jordan Dorn

    William Noonan

    Sixth Grade

    1st place: Tie-Tom Sills and Colton Weiss

    2nd place: Garrett O’Grady

    3rd place: Kevin Wenzel

    Seventh Grade

    1st place: Smyth Campbell

    2nd place: Gabrielle Davis

    3rd place: Christina Pushaw

    Honorable Mention:

    Alexandra King

    Sara Taves

    Eighth Grade


    1st place: Sam Richens

    2nd place: Sarah Kelly

    3rd place: Megan Davis


    1st place: Christina Fronterotta

    2nd place: Lyric Kelkar

    3rd place: Melissa Medrano

    Art awards for Keep Christ in Christmas 2002



    1st place: Christian Science Church

    2nd place: The Good News Club


    1st place: Wilson Family


    1st place: Ethan Koral-Our Lady of Malibu

    2nd place: Hayley Bosworth-OLM

    3rd place: Ashley Just-OLM



    1st place: Kate Kiefer-OLM

    2nd place: Casey Madden-OLM

    3rd place: Andrew Schoenberger-Point Dume Marine Science

    4th place: Daniel Eisner-Malibu pres., Kids For Christ

    First Grade

    1st place: Allise Witt-OLM

    2nd place: Anna McCauley-Brock-OLM

    3rd place: Colton Wade-OLM

    Second Grade

    1st place: Lara Kiefer-OLM

    2nd place: Alana O’Herlihy-Malibu pres., Kids For Christ

    3rd place: Lucy Landry-Malibu pres., Kids For Christ

    4th place: Olivia Thorne-Malibu pres., Kids For Christ

    Third Grade

    1st place: Carleigh Madden-OLM

    2nd place: Parker Smith-OLM

    3rd place: Samantha Chapman-Christian Science

    4th place: Nicole McMahan-OLM

    5th place: Dylan Hanigan-Christian Science

    6th place: Alec Houge-OLM

    Fourth Grade

    1st place: Chanel Lake-OLM

    2nd place: Taylor Bescoby-OLM

    3rd place: Claire Kiefer-OLM

    4th place: Averil Kelkar-OLM

    5th place: Elizabeth Wilson-OLM

    6th place: Loren Chapman-Christian Science

    Fifth Grade

    1st place: Hallie Sills-OLM

    2nd place: Stephanie Pushaw-OLM

    3rd place: Daria Ritch-Malibu president, Kids For Christ

    4th place: Bryan Baysore-OLM

    5th place: Katherine Weinstock-OLM

    th place: Chase Bosworth-OLM

    Sixth Grade

    1st place: Sarah Marson-OLM

    2nd place: Lexi Sall-OLM

    3rd place: Andrew Hughes-OLM

    4th place: Virginia Noonan-OLM

    5th place: Hunter Smith-OLM

    6th place: Coletter Aslahyan-OLM

    Seventh Grade

    1st place: Smyth Campbell-OLM

    2nd place: Gabrielle Davis – OLM

    3rd place: Johan Holmes & Mike Anderson-OLM

    4th place: Christopher Wagner & Mike Anderson-OLM

    Ninth Grade:

    1st place: Elizabeth Post-Christian Science