Point of no return


While The Malibu Times is free to report on the Coastal Commission’s recent action at Broad Beach any way it chooses, it is inaccurate and unfair to say the Coastal Commission staff did not return phone calls from The Malibu Times (“Coast vote to ban ATVs at Broad Beach called a waste of taxpayer’s money, Aug. 17”) In fact, commission staffers named in the article attempted to return special reporter Stephen Dorman’s phone calls at least a dozen times, to no avail.

On several occasions, staff returned Mr. Dorman’s call and received an endless ring with no connection to a voice mail or anyone to take a message. On one occasion, when the call was actually answered, staff left a message with a person who stated Stephen Dorman was not available. This call was not returned. These calls occurred well prior to the story being published in Wednesday’s Malibu Times. Perhaps The Malibu Times should provide for a voice mail account for its stringers, to facilitate the flow of accurate information to its readers.

Sarah Christie

Legislative Director and PIO

California Coastal Commission