Unwarranted attack


Dirty politics has unfortunately come to Malibu. Along with many of our neighbors, we received another hit piece Sunday aimed at City Council candidate John Mazza. Besides the ridiculous suggestion that John Mazza is intent on “invading your privacy” and that he “will jeopardize your 4th Amendment rights to unreasonable search and seizures,” the author, Nino Posella, has a clear association with one of the rival candidates. This unfortunate pattern of mean-spirited and misrepresentative personal attacks is clear and clearly harmful to our community.

The accusations made in these hit pieces are, of course, nonsense and only a rather inept political attack by opponents of the Mazza and Scheinkman campaign.

Malibu is fortunate to have so many highly qualified individuals running in this April’s election but it denigrates our city to see such gutter ball attacks. I would hope each candidate would focus only on issues and their own positive contributions to our community and to follow the high road rather than resort to personal attacks.

Scott Dittrich