Planetary Themes for the Month of April


Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on April 15. After the 15th is a better period to begin to consider important decisions or purchases.



Indulge your ambitious side. You can accomplish a lot. Some hard work and added responsibilities are probably in the picture. You are also in a cycle for deepening connections with others and making life improvements. During the last week of April, there is the urge to make some significant changes and express more independence.



Venus is in your sign this month until the 24th. You are in a favorable cycle for the greater expression of love and attracting more abundance and opportunities. It can still do you some good to spend more alone time and deal with any unfinished things from the past. You can gain deeper insight into yourself.



You can be dealing with some unfinished business with friends from your past. They may have some important information for you. After the 15th, you can get more clarity on decisions and plans for the future. You can be dealing with a lot of responsibilities. A balance needs to be reached. Make more time for yourself.



You are in a favorable cycle for the greater expression of love and manifesting more of your hopes and dreams. Your social life and personal relationships play a more important role. You can deepen your connections with significant others. New money opportunities can also come to you through your social network.



Your energy and passion can take you far, even if there are some obstacles or delays along the way, until the 11th. The focus is on exploring new opportunities and expressing more independence. You can have some new breakthrough ideas. After the 19th, the focus shifts to finances, work and creating more stability in your life. 



This is a good time to dig deeper into yourself and the unknown. A closer examination of finances can be beneficial for you. Avoid making important money decisions until after the 15th. You can be dealing with more responsibilities in your work life. You can accomplish a lot but remember to make more recreational time. 



Finances and security matters take on more importance until the 24th. You’re in a favorable cycle for new money and financial opportunities through the 17th. Improvements can also be made in the home and with family members. On the 24th, a shift begins to occur. Your thoughts and ideas need to be expressed to others. 



Opportunities for more financial abundance can come back to you. You are in a favorable cycle for love matters and improving personal relationships through the 17th. This is also a good time to dig deeper into your inner self or resolve any emotional issues from the past. Your serious mental outlook helps you accomplish goals.



Dig deeper into your inner self for more personal growth. Financial opportunities look promising if you make some sacrifices. Sports or recreational pursuits are good outlets through the 18th. On the 24th, your love life can begin to heat up, but listen more than you talk. Allow others to express their thoughts and ideas completely. 



You are in high cycle for accomplishing goals and achieving greater success in your career. Your hard work and persistence can take you far. Financial and investment opportunities look favorable, and your love life can heat up through the 17th. Some issues at home or with family will require more time from you. 



You may be working behind the scenes in different ways. Spending more alone time can be very beneficial to you and help you let go of any issues from the past. Your mind is active with new ideas that want to be expressed. The urge to break free and move in some new directions is strong around the middle of the month.



A new cycle begins for you until the 24th for the greater expression of love and your creative, artistic side. Business or financial opportunities can come to you through your friends or social network. This is favorable time to get involved with groups. Be more conservative with your finances and avoid impulsive purchases.