Mother Nature doesn’t need help


Wow, “The Obstructionists” I can see it now, a new TV series starring Kiefer Sutherland about a group of people who prove scientifically and point out flaws in environmental proposals, causing obstruction for the proposal to happen.

I strongly suggest that the great scientific information from the scientists who are against this current Lagoon plan be studied. There is a great deal of information on Many of us are supporters of Heal the Bay, a wonderful environmental organization. However, everyone makes mistakes. It is unfortunate that Heal the Bay did not sit down with the environmentalists who are against the Lagoon Project and work out a better plan.

There are so many flaws in the current plan (such as the misconception that the water needs more circulation-the goby thrives in more still water-and there is plenty of oxygen. How could fish live there if there wasn’t?). I’m not a scientist, I am an environmentalist and animal activist. I look at this as animal abuse. I don’t live in the Colony, I am not a surfer, or any of the other stereotypes imagined. Malibu Lagoon is a place one can have solitude-there aren’t enough places like that. It needs to maintain peace and tranquility. I encourage all to read the reports from the scientists who are against this current Lagoon plan.

I cannot imagine all the death that will come from the current lagoon proposal. And I laugh when they talk about plans to “herd the fish” and “the birds will find another place” or “the native grasses that will be bulldozed will be replanted.” I encourage all to check out the photographs of the Malibu Lagoon from 1936 etc. and see how Mother Nature can take care of this little paradise without help.

The real issue is to clean up the water from Tapia, etc. and spend the money doing that-not killing life.

Alessandra DeClario