Letter: Staying Local to Shop

Letter to the Editor

In response to comments made about Vintage Grocers, don’t write that obituary just yet! I have shopped there nearly every day since they opened and have yet to hear my footsteps echo in an empty aisle. Whatever time of day or evening I have been there they have been busy. 

Granted, organic produce is usually pricier than others (PC Greens?), but maybe they will take another look at this. Remember, they said this was to be a “soft” opening. Not everything is in place yet. Give them time. 

As for Pavilions being packed at 5:30 everyday, it’s not the prices or quality of their food, it’s the nightmare they call a parking lot, coupled with them being woefully understaffed. As for Trader Joe’s, everyone likes them. If you want to pack a lunch and extra water, take your cell phone (which will not work in the canyons) and fight the traffic on Kanan. Go ahead. 

I will walk down Trancas to the lovely new market and be home before you make it halfway over the hill. Let’s support our new neighbors. 

Susan Kelly