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What is going on along the Malibu shores? For the last month or so innumerable flocks of pelicans ranging in size from a dozen to 40 or 50 have been flying by. Their wavering lines and delta formations are going in both directions. In the 18 years we have lived in Malibu we have never seen anything like this in such numbers and with such frequency. These magnificent long-beaked ships of the sky gliding by is a stunning sight. But why is this happening now? Is it because the waters are now particularly rich in anchovy, pelicans’ favorite diet? It seems not, since they just fly by and do not stop to feed in their usual dive bomb fishing style. So what is happening? Does this portend a tsunami or seismic event? Or a meteorite heading our way? Do the pelicans know something we don’t know? Are they telling us something?

Hank Pollard