Theodore “Ted” Beason


Longtime Malibu resident Theodore “Ted” Beason died unexpectedly Dec. 8 after a vehicle struck him in his neighborhood of Malibu Bowl in Corral Canyon. He was 44 years old.

Beason is described by his family and friends as “a gentle man, a man who truly embodied the spirit of placing others before his own self-interest; a generous man with his time and resources, and most of all a man who loved Malibu, but particularly loved and invested himself in Corral Canyon.”

Born Aug. 25, 1965 in Santa Ana, he grew up in Venice, Calif. where he completed his schooling at Santa Monica High and developed his first business, which today exists as American Quality Plumbing. His creativity and entrepreneurship as a general contractor (Theodore Construction) is displayed in many homes in Malibu, the Westside, and the San Fernando Valley.

“People who were fortunate enough to have Ted as their contractor not only appreciated him for the high quality work he did, but also for his sincere interest in their lives,” Beason’s family and friends said in a written statement. “Ted loved to visit, and if that visit included a meal, then even better, because it meant the conversation would last longer! He loved discussing the issues of the day, debating politics, talking about his love of surfing, mountain biking, hiking, snow-boarding, but most of all, fishing. Whether it was freshwater trout-fishing with close friends in Colorado, or exploring the fishing off the Channel Islands and the coast of Mexico with his construction crew, friends and acquaintances, Ted was in his element-a born fisherman, not only of fish, but an individual who hooked and drew people into his life to share his joy thereof.”

Beason is survived by many friends who treasure his investment in them; his mother, Camille Mottet; father, Joseph Beason; brother, Joseph Beason III; and sisters Sara Randall, Catherine Beason and Carol Ryan.

“Ted will be sorely missed by all, but the memory of him is around us in the physical things he constructed, in his lifting up and carrying of the broken-hearted, and in his loving help for those who were crushed in spirit,” his family and friends said.

A memorial service will be held Dec. 17 at Malibu Presbyterian Church, located at 3324 Malibu Canyon Rd., at 4 p.m.