A different approach


I read with interest your article explaining that Malibu has not had a representative on the Board since 2008. I served on the Santa Monica

Community Board of Trustees from 2000 to 2004 and was then defeated for reelection by a strong Renter’s Rights group and union candidate. I currently serve on the Riverside County Board of Education. I’m vacationing in Malibu, but now live in Palm Springs.

Yes, it will be very difficult to win against the power groups in Santa Monica. These groups select their candidates and almost always these candidates reside in Santa Monica.

I recently was elected to the Riverside County Board to Area 5 in Riverside County. There are seven separate Trustee Areas, so one gets elected in a specific area. My area has over 120,000 voters. Election by areas insures that there will be representation in all the communities in Riverside County.

Malibu voters should explore the possibility of electing board members by areas.

Dr Ralph R Villani

Palm Springs, Calif.