Get after that bump


As noted in last week’s Malibu Times, the “big bump” on northbound PCH between Tuna Canyon and Big Rock Drive “has grown larger and rougher.” No kidding! That “big bump” has swollen to hazardous proportions with every major rainy season since it first appeared during the legendary El Niño deluge of 1982-1983. So I almost had to laugh in reading the quote by Caltrans spokeswoman Jeanne Bonifilio: “Our engineers and geologists are monitoring the situation and trying to decide if it’s better to grind it down or do heavier, more extensive work.”

Excuse me? Monitoring the situation? In hopes of discovering something that wasn’t obvious 20 years ago? After two decades of dealing with this irritating asphalt tumor, the residents of Malibu deserve a better explanation. I don’t need a degree in engineering or geology to realize that PCH underwent a serious geological shift during that winter of 1982-1983. Whatever the reason for it, it needs to be fixed, once and for all. Grinding it down yet again is a sloppy, lazy, shortsighted cosmetic patch-job.

Yes, I know. The real reason it hasn’t been properly fixed in the past is because it’s an enormous and incredibly costly job. But after 20 years, enough is enough. And with our recently announced $1.3 billion state windfall, all of it to be dedicated to road projects, Caltrans can no longer plead poverty. I have a hard time imagining that there are many comparably problematic road repairs that have lingered for as long or affected nearly as many commuters as the “big bump.” If Caltrans is honest and fair, they’ll put the “big bump” right at the top of their priorities and earn the undying thanks of commuters everywhere.

Wade Major