Raise funding limits


Last week’s “Letter to the Editor” from Kathy Sullivan reminds me of our unfinished work we have to do for our upcoming April 2006 City Council election. Our monitor in April 2004 was a great success and to build on that we should be revisiting our campaign contribution limits for individual candidates at $100 per person. Because Ozzie (Silna) and his gang were so active in 2004 with larger sums of money that were so new to our small time political system, it is now time to think about raising the $100 limit.

I hope to be working with a committee of concerned citizens in the near future, which I hope Kathy Sullivan and mixture of all the political people, including Ozzie’s folks, will participate. We can get a strong solid law in mid-2005 so we won’t have problems in April 2006.

Lloyd Ahern