Letter: Malibu Was You

Letter to the Editor

The poet spent her summers in Malibu as a kid. This poem has never been published.


It was Malibu where our lips

were their pinkest hue

with Pollyanna attitudes

we’d paint on stunning smiles. 


Standing pier-side on the seaweed shore,

half-dressed in string bikinis?

we’d gaze beyond the wild blue.

Time was irrelevant back then


assuming the role of blithe beach girls,

listening to the fires flirt

long into the night,

friends to our ears like seashells.


Boys would gather to boast

with their boards and the sunlight

seemed more brilliant back then?

waiting for the ocean’s break


to bathe us deep inside our bones,

swallowed into another world

ebbing and flowing on a bed

of sand, until one day it vanished


as though it had never been?

leaving with me here

bare-lipped and longing



Carol Lynn