Team Leader, Malibu 2020 Vision Project


    Tide turned

    The tides have turned. All those press stories of the rapacious 13,000 multi-billionaire citizens who make up Malibu and whose main purpose is to keep the poor people off of their beaches has disappeared in the light of reality. What a relief for us Malibu citizens who, while enjoying the illusion of living a billionaire lifestyle, were still having reality problems in balancing the monthly checkbook. So much for Spam.

    The tide turned from the public relations campaigns of the radical environmentalists and the state Coastal Commission when the Superior Court declared the California Coastal Commission unconstitutional in the Marine Forest Society vs. California Coastal Commission Case. The California Court of Appeal upheld that verdict.

    You could almost hear the corks of bottled frustration popping up and down the coast. Seems Malibu wasn’t the only one. The Coastal Commission had spread out a wide blanket of tyrannical control covering us all. Talk about absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    This court decision could put the commission out of business. Certainly, it needs to be totally reconstituted. However, it has the state scrambling to apply the narrowest remedies possible and let’s get back to business as usual. When and if these charges of unconstitutionality are corrected, there are others lurking in the sidelines. One is the improper collection of $1 million dollars from a power company for reef habitat restoration. How far had these commissioners and staff leader Executive Director Peter Douglas gone toward taking over the state?

    How incredibly brave the citizens of Malibu have been to say “No” and fight when big corporate giants are paid off. Perhaps that is why the architects of the U.S. Constitution put responsibility for the country’s freedom in the hands of the local people.

    Georgianna McBurney