Malibusiness: NEFT Vodka

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Premium vodka so smooth, you can sip it straight and actually enjoy the experience? Until now, the notion has been more fantasy than reality. Enter NEFT Vodka CEO Jeff Mahony: a lover of fine spirits who’s taken his own desire to savor truly exceptional vodka to the next level. 

If necessity is the mother of invention, that’s most certainly the case at NEFT, where the sourcing process begins with spring water filtered naturally for 50 years underneath the Austrian Alps. This exceptionally pure raw material lays the groundwork for NEFT’s superior quality, which is bolstered by a blend of four ancient grains, the only ingredients incorporated before the vodka is distilled into small batches. 

Once distillation is complete, the vodka is sealed into unique, unbreakable containers. Standout form meets impressive function in NEFT’s special liter-sized barrels, which not only keep the vodka remarkably free of contaminants, but also ensure a cold temp for up to six hours. 

Gone are the days of warm drinks and shattered bottles at cocktail hour! And if you’re still a skeptic, look no further than NEFT’s host of coveted tasting awards, including the best vodka award at the SF World Spirits Competition and a 98 pt rating from the prestigious Tasting Panel. 

When the most discriminating experts in the world give their seal of approval, you know your palate’s in for a delicious treat. Not to mention NEFT’s many charitable endeavors which should help your self-care dollars’go down as smoothly as the vodka itself. 

Make your next afternoon of sipping seaside extra memorable and pick up a barrel at Vintage Grocers. You’ll thank yourself—hangover-free, no less—in the morning.

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