Sirens: Malibu Crime Report 2/24 – 3/17

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 2/24 – 3/17:



Car crime

A Disney wallet, driver licenseand $70 cash were stolen from a car parked on PCH near Latigo Canyon, while the driver took a walk with a friend. 



Ring wrong

A yellow gold ring worth over $900 was stolen from a vendor on Pepperdine’s campus.



Birthday burglary

Ten inflated “Happy Birthday” balloons were stolen from a grocery store.



Picture pinch

A vehicle parked for a short time on PCH was broken into and a purse, beach bag, towel, sunglasses and Apple items valued at approximately $2,000 were stolen, while the owner took pictures nearby.

Diner dash

A patron at a restaurant on Malibu Road had her purse containing her iPhone 5, Honda key fob and $80 cash stolen from the back of her chair.

Double trouble

A vehicle parked at El Pescador State Beach was broken into and two iPhones were stolen after two windows were shattered-robbers also took off with an iPad mini and $100 cash.

Coins collected

An unlocked car parked in a driveway on Broad Beach Road was broken into and a bank bag with $200 in coins was stolen, plus two phones.



Lunch loot

An iPhone 7 Plus, driver license and $200 cash were stolen from a table outside a Civic Center restaurant.



Gold dust

A Civic Center business was vandalized with a gold permanent marker.



Driveway debacle

A vehicle parked on a driveway on Topanga Beach Drive was broken into and a MacBook Pro and kids purse with $700 cash were stolen.

Vehicle vandalized

A vehicle parked in an underground structure at a residence on PCH had its window smashed.



Take two

The same Civic Center business was vandalized with a permanent marker just three days later.