PCH seal rescue

I have 6 images, the others show the CWC capturing the seal, but can only attach one.  How do I attach the others, if you want to see those? 

A happy ending – a life saved, a great way to start the week!  I was driving to work this morning, down Pacific Coast Highway, and was shocked to see this lost, sick, injured baby seal (not sure if it was a sea lion or seal), waddling down the side of the road, heading into traffic.  I pulled over immediately, and, thankfully, the little guy wandered and laid down underneath my car!  Thank you to the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff, for helping to rescue this sweet little guy/gal.  He/she was taken down to the San Pedro Marine rehab center to be treated for what looked like an eye infection and small cuts on his side, nursed back to health.  And, I was invited to go to San Pedro to visit him/her, which I will.  I was late to work, but the job can wait, a second chance at life cannot.