Sirens: Malibu Crime Report 9.29 – 10.18

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 9/29 – 10/18: 


ATM Theft

An ATM at a business at Zuma Beach was robbed of $3,000. The victim told deputies an additional $150 cash was stolen from the cash register at the business and there was an estimated of $800 worth of damages. 


Beach burglary

An iPhone, wallet and credit cards were stolen from the center console of a vehicle while the victim went surfing at Malibu Point. The victim said he left his keys near the vehicle and, upon return, the keys were still there; however, the vehicle had been ransacked. The victim was later informed that a $3,071 purchase was made at an electronic store using his cards.


Catalytic converter

A $2,500 catalytic converter was stolen from a dog grooming van parked on Kanan Dume Road. The victim noticed a loud noise coming from underneath her vehicle and noticed the converter was missing. The converter appeared to be sawed off; no other damage was done to her vehicle. 


Hiker heist

A vehicle parked at the Escondido Falls Trailhead parking lot was broken into; the window was smashed but no items were taken. 

Trunk take

A $2,669 Burberry bag, $660 Louis Vuitton wallet and $400 cash was stolen from a vehicle parked on Winding Way. The passenger-side window was smashed and the items located in the trunk were stolen.  


Grand theft

A $4,200 lymphatic massage machine and $400 cash was stolen from a vehicle parked on Zumirez Drive in Malibu. The victim said the vehicle was unlocked overnight and, upon return, her vehicle was ransacked. The deputies did not see any sign of forced entry. 

Petty theft

Deputies responded to a vehicle petty theft on Zumirez Drive in Malibu. The victim told deputies black gloves and $20 cash were stolen from the center console. The victim said her vehicle was unlocked.


Purse pried

A $1,400 Louis Vuitton handbag was stolen from a vehicle parked on Malibu Road. The rear passenger window was smashed and the bag located behind the driver’s seat window was taken. 


Night burglar

Deputies responded to a vehicle burglary at a restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in eastern Malibu. The victim left the vehicle with valet and, upon return, valet said the driver side rear window was smashed, a black backpack, two Dell laptops, U.S. passports and miscellaneous items were stolen. The deputies contacted the restaurant owner who stated there was surveillance video of the suspect (wearing a black hooded sweater) walking toward the vehicle, smashing the window, grabbing the bags and driving away. 

Gear gone

An estimated $5,142 worth of camera equipment was stolen from a vehicle parked near Topanga Beach. The victim said both of the passenger side windows were shattered and the items were stolen.