Shining knight


How can I thank Kirby Kotler for really saving my life when I attempted to evacuate from the Colony to my son’s home in Pt. Dume early Sunday morning when we were told by the police to evacuate immediately.

I attempted to drive almost blindly into what became intense dark smoke up PCH from Webb Way. As it cleared somewhat midway between Webb Way and the Bluffs Park area, he appeared, having just helped the father, son and dog in the burning Jaguar. I told him where I was headed and he insisted I cross the meridian, turn around and go in the safer direction towards town or the Ralphs parking lot, which I could immediately see upon arrival was being pelted with palm fronds being driven like fiery arrows by the mad winds into, under and on top of the roofs there, then over to Malibu Road.

Had he not been the good great Samaritan on the highway risking his life for others, this letter might not have been written. He’s a brave, valiant man who deserves to be acknowledged gratefully for his kind actions to strangers. He was facing grave danger to himself.

May I thank him personally some day for his generous, altruistic deed.

Mrs. Donnovan Field