Launching the future


    It’s the 21st century, Malibu. Wake up.

    Throughout the years the city of Malibu has faced many traumas, none that has been so continuous as that of the traffic on Pacific Coast Highway. Whether during the rainy season or when the sun is shining brightly the traffic nightmares remain. Sure at many City Council meetings the subject is presented, however for some reason or another especially when any major problems are history the subject of traffic congestion is put on the back burner, only to simmer until another situation presents itself.

    I believe its time to face this issue and address it thinking 21st century.

    I propose we request directly, from the private sector to rebuild the Malibu Pier and by so doing give them the rights to initiate a hydrofoil transportation service between Malibu and Santa Monica. This type of service is currently in use between Kowloon, China, and Macao and running very smoothly as well as lucrative to the provider.

    The benefits to our city would be through a use tax, the benefits to the merchants would be increased tourists reflecting on net profits and the benefit to Malibu residents would be convenience in their commute.

    Let’s use our natural resources, specifically the waterways to our benefit, while continuing to eliminate air toxins by reducing automobile congestion on Pacific Coast Highway. We can then, and rightly so in the 21st century say to our offspring, “We believed in your future.”

    Tom Shotke