Blog: Japan Wages Whale War, Sea Shepherd to the Rescue


On September 16, Japan declared war against the whales of the Southern Ocean international sanctuary.

Japan decided to ignore the majority ruling of the International Whaling Commission, which specifically condemned their continued invasions into the sanctuary.

Japan’s unilateral decision also flies in the face of the¬†International Court of Justice at The Hague and the Australian Federal Court, banning them from killing whales in the sanctuary.

Japan is hiding behind a thin veil of lethal scientific whale research while overtly selling commercial whale meat domestically.

All other marine scientists globally practice non-lethal scientific whale research. In fact, all scientists except the Japanese ocean-killers follow the paradigm, “Do as little harm as possible with your studies of nature.”

Jeff Hansen, managing director of Sea Shepherd Australia told me, “The world’s scientists know that all scientific data on whales can now be obtained through non-lethal means. No matter how ‘scientific-focused’ Japan’s new so-called ‘research’ program becomes, it still involves the barbaric, murdering and butchering of sentient beings. If the governments of the world sit by and allow Japan to break Australian Federal and now International Law, then Sea Shepherd will fill that void in defense of the whales, restoring the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.”

There is no demand in Japan for whale meat as a human food, yet the government continues to stockpile over 6,000 tons of whale meat.

Instead of a truce, Japan intends on mercilessly annihilating more sentient, highly complex social whales to feed a burgeoning domestic dog food market.

It’s bloody wrong, it’s ecocide and it’s illegal.

Please support Sea Shepherd, a global conservation movement of volunteers because they will protect the awesome South Ocean Whale Sanctuary from the Japanese ocean-killers!

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