Sea Shepherd Spearheads Cleaning Up the Oceans

Dr. Reese Halter

The oceans are in dire straights; they are suffocating from 772 million tons of plastics. On average, each person in America uses 326 pounds of plastic per year and much of it is winding up in the oceans.

For every problem there are at least three solutions. Let me tell you of one very exciting solution that’s turning ocean plastic into fashion and making a difference.

The Vortex Project is a collaboration between eco-material innovator Bionic Yarn, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Parley — for the Oceans.

“The oceans need us now,” said American recording artist, Curator and Co-Designer of RAW for the Oceans and Creative Director of Bionic Yarn Pharrell Williams.

Using Bionic Yarn’s unique fibers made from ocean plastic, denim brand G-Star is producing “RAW for the Oceans,” a line of denim with a purpose that uses ingenious technology. Bionic yarns are up to 400 percent stronger than conventional yarns.

Retrieved ocean plastic is broken down into chips then shredded into fibers. The ocean plastic fiber is then spun into a stronger core yarn, and then helixed with soft cotton to form bionic yarn. The bionic yarn is then weaved or knitted into snazzy “RAW for the Oceans” fabric.

G-Star is transforming ocean plastic into high performance denim that feels and ages just like traditional denim.

Kudos to Sea Shepherd for using scientific innovation and awareness-building to mobilize teams from around the globe to clean up the oceans and our beaches.

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