Sea Save Seeks Digital Artwork for Mosaic

Give 'em the fin

Malibu-based nonprofit SeaSave has put the call out for photographs of supporters “Giving the Fin” — posing in photos with a head over their head to symbolize a dorsal fin, as part of a campaign to protect sharks.

So far, according to SeaSave, thousands of photos have been submitted.

“We are particularly proud of this campaign,” Sea Save Foundation Director Georgienne Bradley explained in a written statement. “Children, school groups, divers, families, scientists from around the world have uploaded. We think it is absolutely ‘FIN’tastic that we are receiving uploads from places as distant as Palau, Fiji, The Maldives, Antarctica and beyond!”

The final product will feature some 20,000 images and will be displayed at the Conference of International Trade of Endangered Species in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Sept. 24. Deadline to submit images is Sept. 3, and more information can be found at