Malibu High students serve homeless

Front row, left to right: Jaime Le, Garrett Le, Isaac Lambert, Ben Le, Hung Le, Cecily Breeding, (back row, left to right) Zach Le, Madison Perrin, Olivia Barrett, Hillary Sturgeon, Jody Sturgeon, Sabrina Dawson, Corinne Le and Dusty Breeding will travel to Kenya to help those in need. (Trip members not pictured: the Gash family, Alex Plank and Charlotte Jackson) Photo courtesy of Dusty Breeding

This June, 21 students and parents from Malibu High School will embark on a trip to Kenya to help serve homeless children with the organization Made in the Streets (MITS).

MITS partnered with the Eastleigh Center to create “The Farm,” a live-in rehabilitation facility where the children receive aid. The children live in dorms and are provided with meals, showers and an education. The kids in the program choose for themselves to be included in it and are free to leave at any time. Once in the program, the children may pick from eight different skills programs, including woodworking, catering, masonry, computers, and hair dressing. After four years of training while living at “The Farm,” students graduate and then are assisted by MITS with job interviews in Nairobi. While at MITS, they will run a nightly activity, such as a soccer camp or tournament. The team of Malibu students and parents has spent the past six months preparing for the trip.