Backing businesses


    I am responding Chenoa Ellis’s letter to the editor in The Malibu Times last week, stating that she found it hard to accept PCH being closed has made business suffer significantly. As the Malibu Chamber of Commerce president, I have spoken to a number of businesses that vehemently dispute the unsubstantiated statement by Mrs. Ellis. Also, the chamber office has been deluged with calls from business owners re: the drastic negative economic impact, with the following information:

    Business was down 30-100 percent.

    Employees had no transportation into Malibu, thus experiencing financial/psychological strain.

    In order to stay open, employers had to work 16-18 hours a day, adding to their own physical/psychological/financial strain.

    Transportation being almost impossible, there is low incentive for employees to stay.

    Malibu businesses are an integral part of this community, made up of a group of people from all walks of life, many of which are not rich but trying to stay afloat. They risk their own capital, create jobs and support local charities, schools and religious organizations. In addition, 36 percent of the city’s revenue is generated from the businesses. On behalf of the chamber, the business community wishes to be looked upon as a partner with the Malibu residents, and now we need your support.

    Mrs. Ellis, as you shop, dine and contract locally, ask the business owners how well they faired during this most recent PCH closure.

    Jeff Peterson