People who need people


    I am a longtime resident of Zumirez Drive and, as everyone knows, today was the day my neighbor, Barbra Streisand, was married. It is unfortunate that the media found it necessary to hound this woman throughout her preparations for her big wedding day. Needless to say, talented people should be recognized for their extraordinary gift. However, a one-day press conference should be enough.

    Even after the media were requested to keep their distance, the helicopters kept flying around, boats were “parked” in the ocean at our private beach, and the press (and “friends”) were mobbed along our street. Another neighbor and I looked at each other at one point and said “and these people are getting paid to do this!” All day and night for three days our street was filled with press and other vehicles, tons of people and the helicopters buzzed way into the evening.

    As we enter the 21st century, I would hope that the human consciousness would be in a more raised condition. It is sad that people find it necessary to pursue those of fame even at their own residence.There will always be fans, but let’s keep it respectful. Remember the expression, “Get a life?” Well, we are all talented in our own way. It is nice to admire someone with great talent, but when so much attention is given, the admirers may forget their own worth or what they are capable of doing.

    Ironically, today is also the day that would have been Princess Diana’s birthday — another woman pursued while she was just trying to live her life. Her life ended tragically and unnecessarily, due to the same sort of media madness. Today there are those profiting from her death, selling tickets and trinkets. Of course, we unfortunately live in a defiled and off-balanced world, with little regard for remembering or respecting the spiritual side of life.

    The other day I was flipping through the TV channels and I came to a station that was playing the film, “Imagine,” about John Lennon. No matter if we like or dislike Mr. Lennon, while watching this film, I could not help admiring his awareness. At one part, when he and Oko were doing their famous peace demonstration, the press began making negative remarks about how and what John and Oko did, and John said something like, “Well, the press is going to be following us wherever we go, whatever we do, so we might as well do it for peace!” Indeed, a smart man.

    So I have an idea, since there are many famous people who use their fame for good causes such as AIDS, MS, animal rights, the environment, etc., why not use events such as the fiasco of the (what should have been a private home) wedding of Ms. Streisand to push a good cause. Ms. Streisand has been supportive of the arts, AIDS benefits and has shown her support of women (especially abused) in many of her films. Imagine at this event a representative of Ms. Streisand publicly speaking about some good cause. At least the time spent would create some value.

    John Lennon reminded me about this. In his short lifetime, he demonstrated for the greatest thing of all — peace. Today, we have the spiritual parts of life to cultivate. We have the environment to think about and the many animals, suffering unnecessarily and slowly becoming endangered and extinct, and the many diseases to cure, the homeless, abused children and on and on.

    So imagine, people, a world where you can have talent and fame and be respected enough to have your privacy and where everyone values their own life, where the spiritual side of life is cultivated helping to eliminate the suffering — and the world will be as one.

    Zumirez neighbor