Gas talk is hot air


There have been no evidentiary hearings to show that there is a need to import Liquefied Natural Gas from foreign countries. There certainly is evidence that importing LNG will actually increase the price of natural gas. It is only profitable for the LNG corporations when the price of natural gas is high, and the price will have to remain high. We all must know by now that the last energy crisis was created by Enron’s manipulation of the energy supply. Steps have already been taken to drive up the price of natural gas by deliberately restricting the flow of cheap domestic natural gas into California.

The proposed LNG offshore terminals and processing facilities would be experimental projects with Oxnard and Malibu the guinea pigs. Everyone who has seen BHP Billiton’s video demonstrating their project has seen that it is all animated. There is no “live” action because it has never been done before.

Shirley Godwin