Letter: Crummer Site an eyesore

Letter to the Editor

The Malibu Times reports a draft environmental impact report found the Crummer Site Submission, contiguous to Malibu Bluffs Park, will have “minimal negative effects on the environment.” [“Draft EIR released on Crummer project,” published April 11] Huh? You’re kidding, right? The story poles for the project provide compelling evidence to the contrary: the bluff-top project is a visual eyesore for miles around. It will negatively impact the scenic and serene sense of place at Bluffs Park, where the children of Malibu play soccer and baseball and learn to ride bikes. It is a aesthetic and land use disaster of the first order. The owners of the project could give 10 times the 1.74 acres they’re giving to the city as a quid pro quo for approval and it would not mitigate the visual violence they are imposing on the site and the city.

Dominic Surprenant